Co-CEO Roles to Lead Organization

Pioneer Center is proud and excited to announce the appointment of Sam Tenuto and Frank Samuel as Co-CEOs of the McHenry County based agency.

“After appointing Sam as interim Chief Executive Officer in December 2015 and hiring Frank as Chief Financial Officer in early 2016, the Board of Directors spent extensive time evaluating  current operations, clarifying agency values and making prudent decisions about the direction of our agency,” said Michael Moushey, President of Pioneer Center’s Board of Directors in 2016.

As the health and human services environment continues to become increasingly more complex to navigate, from delivering services to being reimbursed through government and private insurance, realizing our mission while remaining fiscally conservative is a top priority for Pioneer Center. Implementing a shared CEO model allows the agency to capture the unique and diverse strengths of two individuals to run an organization that relies heavily on both high quality individual care and financial dexterity.  A unique leadership model, this move poises the agency to continue strengthening its foundation and organization structure to better position it for stability and long term sustainability.

“It became evident with both Sam’s and Frank’s respective skills and strengths that a co-leadership model would be the most desirable option to support Pioneer Center’s mission, objectives and future success,” Moushey added.

Samuel became the agency’s Chief Financial Officer in April 2016, bringing with him more than 25 years of accounting, finance and operations experience. He has an MBA in finance from Indiana University. Samuel’s background in organization and process efficiency as well as financial management provides overall value and structure to an organization.

“This ‘divide and conquer’ approach to leadership will allow Sam and I to use our strongest skill sets to lead the agency forward in the most efficient and effective manner,” said Samuel. “Our primary mission is to serve the clients and the community.”

Tenuto has been with Pioneer Center since March of 2013. He has over 20 years experience in successfully developing and operating social service programs.  He has a Master’s degree in public health management from Northern Illinois University. Tenuto has extensive experience in intellectual and developmental disability programs, regulatory requirements and places great importance on engaging with community partners, families and stakeholders.

“I approach my leadership and work by placing the utmost importance on best serving our community and the Pioneer Center team. I have chosen this field because the work is important, challenging and a joy as you see others succeed,” said Tenuto.

As the agency looks forward to the opportunities 2017 will bring, the Co-CEO partnership between Tenuto and Samuel offer a united set of skills designed to meet and surmount any obstacle and allow the agency to fulfill its mission of “empowering individuals to achieve their full potential.”