McHenry County PADS Partners With The Monthly Bank

McHenry County PADS, a program of Pioneer Center, has partnered with The Monthly Bank to provide menstrual products for individuals who are homeless and utilizing PADS services.

“Women experiencing homelessness face many challenges in their day-to-day lives. While food, shelter, and clothing comes to mind as needs of people experiencing homelessness menstrual products are not at the forefront,” said Erin Brumfield Grima, Pioneer Center Director of PADS/Prevention Services. “McHenry County PADS strives to treat everyone coming through its services with dignity and respect and our partnership with The Monthly Bank helps ensure that women who have a need for the basic necessity of menstrual products will have those met consistently.”

Throughout her work as the case manager of the 22nd Judicial Circuit Court’s Drug and Mental Health Court, Josie Shattuck discovered the true absence of menstrual product resources in McHenry County. As a case manager she connects clients to the community to utilize resources for various needs. One of the most important needs being menstrual products, Josie and her clients were faced with a challenge. With nothing available Josie and her wife Rachel were truly inspired to fill the gap themselves.

“Every woman deserves the dignity of having their basic needs met,” said Josie Shattuck, President and Founder of The Monthly Bank. Without accessibility to these products, women may be unable to go to work or school and can increase the risk of health issues by using unsafe and unsanitary items. In their first month, the Shattuck’s were able to provide 21 women with menstrual products for the entire year. Their goal is to provide monthly supplies for 150 women over the course of their first year and to empower community members to hold their own drives for The Monthly Bank.

The ultimate goal is to obtain grant funding so that they will be able to provide McHenry County with feminine hygiene products for the long term and gain sponsorship through product retailers. In addition to partnering with McHenry County PADS, other donor site partners include McHenry County Specialty Courts, Thresholds Homeless Outreach Program, FISH of McHenry Food Pantry, and the Old Firehouse Assistance Center.

The Monthly Bank is actively seeking support from local businesses. If you would like to donate or are interested in becoming a donation drop-off location call 815.508.6622 or visit