A six to twelve month program, Intensive Home Therapy is a community/home-based behavioral health program providing therapeutic intervention to youth with a mental health diagnosis. These families are in danger of having the youth removed from the home and placed in temporary care. The program assists families in identifying, accessing and utilizing community resources and supports.

What is Intensive Home Therapy?

Whether a youth is experiencing depression or bi-polar disorder and experiencing significant impairments in functioning in their natural setting, the Intensive Home Therapy (IHT) Program can assist in developing skills and strategies to improve functioning.  Using evidence-based and evidence-informed curriculums, the IHT Program provides high quality intervention to improve the lives and future of youth in McHenry County.

The program is specifically designed to offer individual and family therapy, community support, treatment planning and case management services to stabilize the youth in    the community with the desired goal of linking them to a longer term, lower level of care.

Who is Being Served by the Program?

Youth in McHenry County who are experiencing significant impairments in functioning in their natural setting. Youth can be referred by behavioral health care providers.  During the 2014-2015 year, 156 youth were served by the IHT program.