Community Inclusion

“Community Integration is the opportunity to live in the community, and be valued for one’s uniqueness and abilities, like everyone else.”  —Salzar, 2006

What is Community Inclusion?

In 2013, Pioneer Center adopted a shift in philosophy with the implementation of community inclusion as the service delivery model for all services.

Community Inclusion is about creating opportunities for increased presence and participation in the community for all individuals. Community Inclusion demands that we encourage everyone to expect nothing less than that which individuals living without disability look forward to in their lives.

The philosophy fosters an environment that supports individuals with disabilities in moving beyond their challenges to develop a full and meaningful life in the community.  The process is designed to include an individualized assessment of needs and hopes of individuals paired with using client, family and community strengths to achieve dreams.

Community Inclusion in Action

Oftentimes individuals experience barriers to participating in and enjoying the world around us.  Community Inclusion works to overcome limitations and barriers through activities including community-based employment, housing, education, spirituality, recreation and socialization activities such as joining a gym or finding hobby groups, connectivity with local colleges, job coaching and assistance in finding community-based healthcare.

Community Inclusion Specialists

Community Inclusion Specialists assist individuals on a one-to-one basis to achieve their community inclusion goals by working  with other programs an individual is involved in to ensure treatment goals are met.

Bringing our community forward by supporting the community

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