National Street and Shelter Point-In-Time Count

January 25, 2017 all-day
Across McHenry County
Sam Tenuto

The McHenry County Continuum of Care (CoC) for the Homeless will participate in the National Street and Shelter Point-in-Time Count on January 25, 2017.

The McHenry County CoC is a group of representatives from area agencies, organizations and businesses that work together to combat homelessness in McHenry County. CoCs are required to conduct a sheltered and an unsheltered count during the last ten days of January 2017. This ‘point-in-time’ county-wide survey has been done in January for the last fifteen years.  The outcomes from the data collected provide a better view into the housing inventory needs, demographics and to better understand the needs of the population so that services can be available that can reduce and help the number of homeless persons in the County.

This 16th annual count of McHenry County’s homeless individuals and families will be conducted over a 24-hour time period covering Wednesday, January 25 through Thursday, January 26.  Committee members from the CoC will be visiting locations such as shelters, train stations, libraries, and at other locations where people that are homeless may access supportive services or just have a place to stay out of the elements.  Individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness are encouraged to take a survey, participants will receive a goody bag for their time. Information and forms for the homeless count can also be provided to: food pantries, outreach programs, churches, police departments and other agencies, organizations or to other volunteer groups.

Current list of Continuum of Care members include: AID, Arms of Love, Catholic Charities, Community Action Agency/Head Start, Consumer Credit Counseling Services, Crystal Lake Bank & Trust, Crystal Lake Food Pantry, Family Alliance, Inc., Family Health Partnership Clinic, Habitat for Humanity, Home of the Sparrow, Inc., Lake Co. Residential Development Corp., Lovell Federal Healthcare Center, McHenry Co. Attainable Housing, McHenry Co. College, McHenry Co. Crisis – Centegra, McHenry Co. Dept. of Transportation, McHenry Co. Housing Authority, McHenry Co. Mental Health Board, McHenry Co. Planning & Development, McHenry Co. Sheriff’s Office, McHenry Co. Workforce Development Network, McHenry Savings Bank, McHenry Township, New Life Transitions, PADS Lake County, Pioneer Center/PADS, Prairie State Legal Services, Regional office of Ed (Lake McHenry), Restoration America, Inc., Rich Ring, Ronald Ecklund, Salvation Army, The Aarrk, Thresholds, Trans Living Services (TLS), Turning Point, Vets Assistance Commission (VAC).

If your group would like to participate in the Annual Point and Time Count or get involved in the Continuum of Care let us know!

To get involved contact Sam Tenuto, Co-CEO, Pioneer Center for Human Services or Charles Sprague, Executive Director, New Life Transitions.