Community Inclusion Hours Soar

It’s the end of another successful month of community inclusion for those we serve!  Last month logged 624 hours of community inclusion within our programs!  August 2017 logs over 1000 hours yet again!  Clients have spent many hours outside this month as well as time at the movie theaters, shopping at community stores and exploring what our community has to offer!

August 2017

Autism Program- 11 clients totaling 40 hours
Bridges- 17 clients totaling 180 hours
DT1- 37 clients totaling 215.50 hours
DT2- 42 clients totaling 633 hours
SOAR- 12 clients totaling 54 hours

Grand total of 119 clients with 1,122.5 hours of community inclusion!!

Thank you for making this possible for those we serve.

Kevin Clancy, BA
DT Coordinator, Developmental Training and BRIDGES Programs


What is Community Inclusion?
Community inclusion is designed to allow clients with developmental disabilities at Pioneer Center opportunities to reach beyond the walls of our organization and realize their dreams.  It is about belonging, participating,choosing and living the most empowered lives possible.  Ultimately, our goal is for individuals we serve to be seen as contributing members of our community and NOT only as their disability