Congressman Hultgren Visits Pioneer Center, Issues Proclamation

Congressman Randy Hultgren visited Pioneer Center this past Tuesday to celebrate our 60th anniversary.  The week prior, the Congressman issued a proclamation on the House floor in recognition of our service. 
And, read the Northwest Herald article about the visit below…
U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren visits McHenry’s Pioneer Center for 60th anniversary 
Agency provides social services in county
By Brittany Keeperman
McHenry County’s Pioneer Center for Human Services celebrated its 60th anniversary Tuesday with a nod from U.S Rep. Randy Hultgren.
Hultgren visited the center to speak with leaders and clients, as well as to celebrate the agency’s anniversary.
He presented a proclamation last week on the House floor in honor of the nonprofit.
“They need help,” Hultgren said. “They need people to support and recognize how valuable Pioneer Center is. … We want to celebrate but also encourage more people to support them, volunteer and understand what they do.”
A ceremony Tuesday included a discussion about services the center provides and volunteer work that clients with the developmental disability program do in the community, including at the center itself, as well as at local churches, animal shelters and food pantries.


The McHenry-based center provides social services to individuals who deal with mental illness, homelessness and various disabilities.

Programs offered include home and residential therapies, school-based prevention, residential-living services, life-skills development, employment services, respite programs and more.

Pioneer Center also operates McHenry County PADS in Woodstock, which provides housing programs and emergency shelter to those experiencing homelessness.

The agency just launched a child and adolescent outpatient treatment center.

Development director Amy Hernon said the 60-year milestone represents durability in the community.

“It’s huge,” Hernon said. “It’s an example of our resilience as an agency. It’s an example of the resiliency of our clients. The exposure within our state and within our county will help people understand what wonderful things are going on.”

Pioneer Center co-CEO Frank Samuel concurred.

“We operate in a very tough area,” he said. “For us to be here 60 years is quite an achievement. … We have established ourselves as a provider, and we will be here for another 60 years.”