Drop-In Services Provide Respite for Caregivers

While being a caregiver for a developmentally disabled person is rewarding, it’s a role that may only provide short breaks, if any at all.  Sometimes caregivers need time to themselves to recharge, or to run errands and take care of household issues.

A new service for drop-in respite care called the CARE Program is being offered by Pioneer Center for Human Services to give caregivers an opportunity for personal time.  Families of developmentally disabled children and adults can drop off their loved one.

“We’re offering two opportunities for respite care:  the first is for children ages 6 – 22 and the second is for adults ages 23 and up,” said Erin Newport, Respite Services Coordinator for Pioneer Center. “The program has multiple dates going into the spring that are split between both our McHenry campus and our Woodstock campus for ease of families.”

Youth Day Events (Ages 6 – 22)
Date:   Feb 24 in Woodstock
Mar 11 in McHenry
Apr 14 in Woodstock
May 20 in McHenry
Time: 10 am—3 pm
Cost:  $60 per day

Adult Day Events (Ages 23 and up)
Date:  Feb 25 in McHenry
Mar 10 in Woodstock
Apr 15 in McHenry
May 19 in Woodstock
Time: 10 am—3 pm
Cost:  $60 per day

The $60 fee for the drop-in service allows Pioneer Center staff to offer a variety of programming, including crafts, games, and cooking activities.  “The program is geared for our guests to enjoy staff-led activities and time with friends,” added Newport.  “We ask our guests and visitors to pack a lunch and spend the day with us.”

The CARE Program is a first for Pioneer Center.  “We’re excited to offer this new opportunity,” said Newport.  “Participants will be divided into groups, and will rotate between the fun activities we’ll have scheduled for the day.  The entire group will be together for snack breaks and for lunch.  We expect a great turnout, and we hope this respite time is helpful for the special families and caregivers in our community.”

For more information about drop-in respite care services, or to register for the event, please contact Erin Newport, Respite Services Coordinator, at (815) 759-7051 or enewport@pioneercenter.org.

By Denise Freese, Northwest Herald (Sponsored Content)