“Empty Bowls” Fundraiser for Homelessness

Pioneer Center is hosting their inaugural Empty Bowls Art Auction to benefit homelessness on Friday, May 4. During the event, guests will walk through an exclusive, one-night only gallery comprised of works created by artists depicting homelessness as they have experienced or witnessed.  Following the gallery, guests will be served a simple meal mirroring that of a soup kitchen.  The evening is a come-and-go style event.

This event brings together two unique communities in McHenry County—the arts community and the social action community who feel a heartfelt calling to help end homelessness in their home town.

The art gallery will be created through partnering with local artists who will create portraits and imagery that examine homelessness.  Through their creative voices, attendees will be provided with a new light in which to view the need for homeless services in our county.  The artwork is intended to continue the conversations of these needs long after the event ends.

One of the artists being highlighted at the event is Christy Grosenick, a 38 year-old mother of three who recently found herself homeless.

“Having the opportunity to do this art auction is my first step of truly being able to pay it forward.” said Christy Grosenick, an artist being showcased at the event.  “I was recently homeless and art is the one true thing in my life that I don’t judge about myself. So many people look past the homeless because they feel that it is their fault that they are homeless, but that is not always true. My situation was not about money, it was about safety.”

The event will take place at the agency’s McHenry campus located at 3941 W. Dayton Street. Tickets will be sold online at www.pioneercenter.org and at the door for a suggested donation of $10 per individual. Additional contributions above the $10 suggested donation will help further fundraising efforts for homeless services.

“While the world continues to turn outside the boundaries of McHenry County…for one night we invite you to be a part of lifting each other up through the empathy found in storytelling and relationships,” added Jordan Debbink, Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator for Pioneer Center. “Join us for this emotional event that brings home the message that everyone experiences struggle and everyone is worthy of help.”

For more information call Jordan Debbink, Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator at 815.759.7129.