Family Health Partnership Clinic Brings Healthcare to the Homeless

Family Health Partnership Clinic has partnered with McHenry County PADS, a program of Pioneer Center for Human Services, to bring basic healthcare services direct to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Every Tuesday from 1:00 to 3:30 pm, a remote clinic opens its doors at the McHenry County PADS Day Center on Kishwaukee Valley Road.  Open to any client of PADS, the clinic is designed to provide routine screenings, offer vaccinations and treat minor illnesses.  The clinic is staffed by Linnea Axman, DNP; Julie Szum, RN; and Julie Franz, Clinical Assistant; allowing it to dispense and prescribe medications as needed and provide referrals for follow-up care or treatment.

“We are so happy with our partnership to bring healthcare to those who need it.  Many people in our community continue to fall through the health care cracks, and we are committed to filling those cracks,” said Suzanne Hoban, Executive Director of Family Health Partnership Clinic.

The concept of the remote clinic site was the vision of Pat Montemurro, Clinical Manager at Family Health Partnership Clinic, who saw it as a way to bring health care to people where they were. Working with Julie Franz, a Clinical Assistant who had volunteered for many years at an emergency church site shelter, they were able to prioritize needs and begin the steps to building relationships with the clients.  Leading up the clinical portion of the team is Linnea Axman, a Nurse Practitioner and professor at the University of California-San Diego, who brought with her many years of experience in designing and implementing homeless programs both in the United States and internationally.

“This partnership is very valuable as many of our clients struggle to connect to health providers and get consistent care.  People experiencing homelessness have many competing needs and frequently put their health at the bottom of the list,” said Erin Brumfield Grima, Pioneer Center’s Director of PADS/Prevention Services.

“I am very passionate about serving people who have become homeless and providing resources for them.  Oftentimes there are just too many barriers to health care so us bringing the services directly to them is just one small way we can truly help,” said Franz.

In its first week the clinic saw eight clients; administering flu vaccines, treating an upper respiratory infection and monitoring blood sugars.

“I think it is really good to keep an eye on your health.  This service is good because you can get your test results week-to-week to check on any health concerns,” said Stacy a current PADS client.

To learn more about Family Health Partnership Clinic, visit or call 779.220.9300.

(Pictured are Linnea Axman, DNP; Julie Szum, RN; and Julie Franz, Clinical Assistant)