Letter: Homeless services in McHenry County

Letter: Homeless services in McHenry County


To the Editor:

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our neighbors throughout McHenry County for their ongoing support of Pioneer Center’s homeless services through our McHenry County PADS program.

PADS is the county’s only day center and emergency overnight shelter that operates 365 days a year that serves all populations – men, women and children. Your continued support and donations have allowed us to provide beds, access to laundry, showers, a kitchen, mail, computer, transportation, counseling and on-site medical care from the Family Health Partnership Clinic.

During the year, approximately 400 people will come through our doors; with the summer months being nearly as challenging as our cold Illinois winters. The lack of access to clean drinking water causes dehydration in addition to chronic health conditions such as asthma, depression and migraines that are exacerbated by the heat. Plus, limited resources lead to poor hygiene, infections and a myriad of illness without proper care and attention. Our ability to stay open year-round and provide services is a direct result of the great community we live in, and for that I am eternally grateful.

If you haven’t made a gift this year and would like to support our work, visit www.pioneercenter.org/donate. If you know someone in need of our services call 815.344.1230.

Sam Tenuto, Co-CEO

Pioneer Center for Human Services