Recognize the Signs of Bullying With These Tips

While the start of a new school year can be exciting for many children, for others it brings on feelings of dread and trepidation.  A staggering 90% of middle and high schoolers report being bullied every year. In 2016, the Illinois Youth Survey reported 41% of McHenry County 8th graders said another student at school bullied them by calling them names.  21% of 10th graders said they were cyberbullied.

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Supported by United Way of McHenry County funding, this program provides small group facilitation to elementary, middle school and junior high children.  Additionally, we offer professional consultation to school staff to present topical in-service and teacher institute material to address how to meet the ever-changing needs of students.

Trained prevention specialists work with school staff to tailor groups that meet the needs of the school’s population. Groups are available during and after school. Topics most requested by schools include:

  • Bullying and Cyber Bullying
  • Protective Behaviors
  • Making and Keeping Friends
  • Anger Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Tolerance and Diversity
  • Erin’s Law