Teen Pregnancy Groups

Parenting can be a stressful, confusing and lonely time. You are not alone with those feelings!  Teenage Mother’s Initiative (TAMI) is dedicated to helping pregnant and parenting teen moms and dads in McHenry County.

All parents have questions about parenting and how they can make a happy life for themselves and their children, TAMI focuses on the unique challenges teen parents encounter.

TAMI strives to provide:

  • Connection with other parenting teens
  • Help finding resources available
    • Childcare, housing assistance, WIC, etc.
  • Information on pregnancy and parenting
  • Help dealing with school challenges
    • Time management, schedules
  • Assistance in preventing another pregnancy

In order to complete the program successfully, attendance is required at each of the following group or individual sessions.  Additional topics will be presented throughout the program based on individual need.

4-C/Child Care

Positive Parenting Skills
Prenatal Care*
Labor and Delivery*
Newborn Care*
Child Development
Healthy Relationships

Education & Employment
GED Enrollment Assistance**
Career Planning/Goal Setting
Job Skills
Time Management

*Only required for participants who are pregnant through 3 months postpartum.
**Only required for participants who have not graduated high school or obtained their GED.

How We Help

Home Visits

Home visits offer a more private way to obtain additional support personalized to the challenges an individual is currently facing. The home visitor can work with the whole family or specific individuals.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly meetings are interactive and include story sharing, discussing problems and doing group activities.

Topics of conversation may include:

  • Baby and child development
  • Juggling school, pregnancy and parenting
  • Stress reduction
  • Decision-making

Incentive Program

Participants in the TAMI program can earn “TAMI Bucks” by attending group meetings, having a home TAMI visit, going to school and/or work or by receiving grades of “C” or better on report cards.

TAMI Bucks can be used to purchase much needed items including diapers, wipes, bottles, clothes, toys, books and more from our TAMI Store.

Meeting Dates & Times

Mondays from 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Garden Quarter Neighborhood Resource Center
3733 W. Elm Street
McHenry, IL

To register to attend a meeting, call 815.344.1230.