Pioneer Center’s employment options assists adults with varying abilities, vocational skills and workplace experience to obtain employment.

Community Employment Services (CES)

Employment Services is a specialized program that matches the community’s employment needs with individuals that have dynamic strengths and talents.

Our Clients (Your Future Employees!)

Our clients can come from a variety of backgrounds and bring with them numerous skill sets. We’ve successfully placed individuals in positions including sales, telemarketing, reception, data processing, bus driving, secretarial, food service, factory, social services, retail, janitorial, and more.

The Community Employment Services Program serves individuals with developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues.

Getting Accepted Into The Program

All individuals interested in participating in the Community Employment Services program must make an appointment with the Community Employment Services Coordinator to consult and assist with filling out a referral to the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS).

After submitting the referral, the local DRS office will contact you to schedule an interview. The following documents will be requested by DRS to determine eligibility:

  • Medical history (proof of disability)
  • Current mental health assessment (if primary diagnosis is a mental illness)
  • Proof of Social Security, State ID and/or Driver’s License
  • Release to work from physician and/or psychiatrist
  • Vocational report (if available)

How We Prepare Our Clients

Each individual is individually coached and prepared for the workforce. Our job placement specialists analyze job requirements and match them with individual capabilities to ensure a long-lasting working relationship.

Prior to being placed in a job, our clients will:

  • Assist in the job search process (We don’t find jobs—we assist individuals to find a job themselves)
  • Learn how to fill out a job application and create a resume
  • Practice interviewing techniques
  • Be trained in workplace etiquette
  • Identify their job skills and strengths to be able to meet job needs
  • Know how to handle typical workplace problem situations and their solutions

Entry Into the Workforce

We offer an employment specialist that provides job coaching to reduce your cost of on the job training. This service is offered at no fee to the employer and continues until the individual reaches job independence. The employment specialist is there from day one to provide support if needed. Their job isn’t to do the work task for the individual, rather ensure that they have the understanding and tools to successfully complete it themselves.

The employment specialist works closely with the employer to determine the level of involvement he or she needs to provide—ensuring that the employer is comfortable with the individual’s performance. They also work with individuals off-site to provide job support.

Benefits to the Employer

Not only is there no fee for hiring our workers, but businesses may also be eligible for incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and wage reimbursement through the Department of Rehabilitation Services.