Developmental Training

This program assists people who have severe and multiple disabilities in developing basic life skills and promoting their fullest potential for life enrichment. Classroom instruction, including pre-vocational training, life skills and social skills are addressed. Community integration experiences and work and leisure opportunities assist in the development of participants’ skills. The Developmental Training program also incorporates the use of state-of-the-art features such as the Assistive Technology Computer Lab, exercise room, walking program and a deluxe sensory “Snoezelen Room” environment into the curriculum.


Bridges is a developmental training program combining the core areas of vocational development, social interaction and cognitive skills training. Work opportunities are offset by classes including computer skills in our assistive technology lab, self-advocacy and choice-making, client council, communication, problem solving, life skills, leisure and art.  Bridges is known for its active, creative artistic ventures including art gallery exhibits, a client published newsletter and performances.