The Me Program is a self-driven, community-based program that provides a variety of in-house and community based opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. The program is centered around the concept of encouraging and empowering people to work on life goals chosen by themselves and become more active in their community. The Me Program provides the support to embrace their independence and educate them on how to explore and navigate through their community safely.

Clients in the program can choose what they learn and how they spend their time at the program’s new location off the Woodstock Square on Jefferson Street. The “drop-in” center is modern and welcoming— having been designed in a location that encourages socialization, visiting of local shops and restaurants and convenient access to public transportation.

As independence can be a challenge for those struggling with a disability, the program offers assistance with:

  • money skills training
  • using public transportation in our community
  • learning community safety skills
  • choosing appropriate clothing
  • filling out job applications and practicing interviewing skills